Hi everyone! I am trying to fetch some data using `getInitialProps` on the server side. It works `perfectly in the local environment`, but it does not hit the server in a remote environment even though I intercept the fetch request (the snippet below) and the url is correct in the logs. However, when I try to send a query to the `apollo server`, I am getting an error with a 404 status code and the `bodyText` is actually a server-side rendered HTML document of our 404 page. ``` const serverLinks = new BatchHttpLink({ uri: `${process.env.API_HOST}/graphql`, credentials: 'include', fetch: (input, init) => { const body = init?.body && JSON.parse(init.body.toString()); const operations = body.map((ops: any) => ops.operationName); console.error({ env: 'server', startTime: new Date(), url: input, // HERE method: init?.method, operations, body, }); return fetch(input, init); }, }); ``` Apollo client version: 3.3.15